Super and heartfelt thanks to Roger Durling and the Board, Staff and Volunteers of the Film Festival for making this all possible. Without your support we'd never have gotten off the ground--and you're keeping us flying again this year!!! .....(Thanks, Kim!)

That being said, Hugs and kisses all 'round to the gang at Carol Marshall PR--Carol, Phil, Stephenie & Beth, plus local PR Hero George Yatchinsin. You gals and guys are the greatest! We reeeeeeaaallly couldn't have done it without you-all; you made it a great pleasure, to boot! (And we sure learned a lot.)

Extra super logistical thanks to The Lobero -- David Asbell, Todd Jared and the Board -- for giving us an SBMS home-away-from-home during the Festival.

Many thanks to the organizers of Macworld Expo for granting us Press Credentials.

Super Thanks to Kelly Maxwell of Apple for welcoming us to the Expo and facilitating our access to the Keynote! And we certainly depend on Apple products to make our production process possible--your computers & software inspire and enable us!

Thanks to the many exhibitors at the Expo who granted us interviews!