My name is Benyapa and I’m in the eighth grade. I think that global warming is a very important issue that we need to educate others about. I’m not an expert on global warming myself but this is the perfect way to learn. As a member of the Teen Press I want to spread the word to others, especially younger people and show them ways that they can help.

            I was born in Thailand and I spend my summers in the village where my family lives. I think that teaching people there would help. One of my goals is to not only spread the word to people in Santa Barbara, but also people half way around the world in Thailand.

April 19

UCSB Campbell Hall

Inaugural "UCSB Reads for Earth Day" Author Event: Lecture by Elizabeth Kolbert. We listened to her talk, got a book signed & wrote a story.

April 20 University Club Light Blue Line: Project Meeting Video taped their meeting and interviewed some of the members.

April 22

County Courthouse

Earthday Interviewed some people from different booths and other people at the event.

May 21 City Hall Interviewed Mayor Marty Blum about her position on global warming.