So, we were on the red carpet one day (or in my case about 6 feet away--not part of the "A Team" that day), and along come Al Gore and Davis Guggenheim. Hmm. What do they have to say? Something about global climate change? With just a truckload of data to corroborate it? OK. That's cool. (Or not--"warm" seems to be the operative word.)

The kids wanted to know, well, like, what can we DO? And Al had quite an interesting answer: find out about it, then ask questions. This only sounds confusing out of context. Of course you may have to do some asking to find out information, but then you ask a different kind of question. The pointed kind. Something along the lines of "is it really OK that we just ignore this?" or "Should we really be leaving this for our kids (or THESE KIDS!) to deal with?"

"It's a moral issue." Hard not to deal with the matter when it's couched in those terms. Responsibility trumps comfort, wouldn't you say?

Even if not, follow along with the Teen Press as we investigate global climate change. It's going to be quite a ride, so...know what's going on...and take action!


David has been teaching in the Digital Arts Program at SBMS for a little over a year. He brings 15 years experience in interactive media design to the task (see his LUMINOUS Interactive website for more), as well as a passion for sharing his knowledge with young people. He has taught at the University of Hawaii at Manoa (although that was in modern dance), and danced professionally in New York and Europe with The Mark Morris Dance Group. He has an MFA in dance and a BA & MA in psychology under his belt, and in the latter incarnation worked as a educational researcher for the Navy, authoring/co-authoring a half-dozen papers on computer-assisted learning, and hemispheric specialization.