Hi I am Matt. I am 14 years old and I first heard about this when my mom tried to get me to go see Al Gore’s movie last summer. I was reluctant to go see it. My mom liked it so much that she bought it. I then had to do a project on global warming and I asked if I could see that movie. It was a very disturbing.

When I first heard about climate change I was disturbed to here about what was going to happen to a lot of the animals. In Al Gore’s movie he talked about the Polar bears. I felt like there was something we could do to help. In my Human Geo class we were told to write a 12-page research paper on anything that was related to the whole world. I decided doing it on global warming.

I hope that through doing this Teen Press Project I could get the world out to other people that either didn’t know what was happening or didn’t believe that it was happening.

I want to help by slowing down global warming and helping save some of the animals and places we live in today. One of the main things I want to do is to stop or slow down the sea level rise so that Santa Barbara will still be here in a couple of hundred years.

April 17

SB Public Library

"Santa Barbara Reads for Earth Day" Event: Community Conversation. We listened to the Mayor and two scientists talk about what they knew about global warming. One Professor was Lee Hannah, a professor in Geology. The other was Catherine Gautier.

April 19

UCSB Campbell Hall

Inaugural "UCSB Reads for Earth Day" Author Event: Lecture by Elizabeth Kolbert. We listened to Elizabeth talk about her book and show a slide show she made showing some of the things from her book.

April 22

County Courthouse

Earthday: We interviewed several people about what they knew about and how they are helping fight global warming. We got to interview Howard Ruby, who went up to the Artic and took pictures of the polar bears. He wants to show how they are getting affected.