As a fellow of U.C. Santa Barbara’s Tri-County Math Project and the associate Focus Institute, Susan brings to SBMS the latest discoveries as well as tried and true math fundamentals. Susan earned her B.A. in physical anthropology/biology from California State University, Northridge and her K-9 California teaching credential from California Lutheran College in Thousand Oaks. Her multi-subject credential includes remedial reading and training in learning “differences”. Susan worked as a naturalist as well as Assistant Curator of Anthropology for the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, bringing a community outreach program with environmental and cultural studies to children. Pre-historic coastal adaptation was the focus of her work as well as collections management. Susan served as math and science teacher at SBMS and was the originator of the math lab program. She was also the senior teacher for SBMS’s Summer Science Program. Susan left SBMS in 1995 to teach math at Dunn Middle School and to eventually serve as director. Under her leadership the school increased it’s enrollment, created organic and native plant student gardens, remodeled the facility, reintroduced the physical education program and developed a comprehensive, educational trip to Washington D.C. for the entire school every three years. Susan returned to SBMS in 2001 and now coordinates the math program as well as teaches math and environmental studies. Susan was recently awarded the Looking Good Santa Barbara Award for Educator of the Year in Environmental Studies; Recycling. Susan is also trained in Reiki healing practices and hypnotherapy. Susan has been married for 37 years and enjoys camping in the vast wilderness areas of the country, with her husband Dick. She has two grown sons a wonderful daughter-in-law and two beautiful grandsons. Organic gardening, cooking, raising chickens, genealogy and studying indigenous shamanic practices are her passions.