My name is Kate and I go to Santa Barbara Middle School. I’m in 8th grade and 14–years old. After school I dance at SBJDA, Fusion Dance Company, and Studio E improving my skills in jazz, ballet, hip-hop, modern and West African. In my spare time I like to go shopping, sailing, acting, and swimming.

I think the global climate change issue is a big deal and is going to affect me and my children’s future. I think if we don’t change the way we live now, we all will pay the consequences in the future. Even though I do like the water, being underwater is not my idea of a life style. If the coastline now goes underwater we will have people with out houses, cities without streets, our fresh water will be impacted, and so many things will disappear into the deeps of the ocean. As the world’s coastlines will be decreasing I think we need to make changes soon!!!!

I first started to learn about global warming when I began my education here at SBMS. Now that I’m in 8th grade I have expanded my knowledge of the issue by watching An Inconvenient Truth and joining SBMS Teen Press. As a member of the press I hope to get the word out there about global warming and how much it’s going to affect our lives.

In the long run I hope to change the path of our future and how global warming is going to affect our coastlines, our ice caps, the world, and us!!!

April 17

City Hall

Canary Project: Special Visit Interviewed the husband and wife founders of the “Canary Project” and wrote story.

April 19

UCSB Campbell Hall

Inaugural "UCSB Reads for Earth Day" Author Event: Lecture by Elizabeth Kolbert. Listened to Elizabeth talk about her views on global warming and her book. Co-edited lecture & co-wrote story.

April 22 County Courthouse Earthday: I interviewed several people including Edward Cassano and others.

May 21 City Hall Interviewed Mayor Marty Blum about her position on global warming.