Hi. My name is Willa and I am a member of the SBMS Teen Press…. I’m thirteen (almost fourteen!) years old. I like to kickbox, swim, shop, go to movies, and listen to music in my spare time.

I first discovered about climate change from my dad a few years ago. I actually didn't know how big of a deal it was until Al Gore’s movie, An Inconvenient Truth. The scariest thing about global warming is the fact that if Greenland melted (which is something we can actually see happening), millions of people would become refugees because their homes would be underwater. What would we do with them?

As a member of the Teen Press, I would love to get an unbiased view of the issue, and what people can do about it. Also, I want to find little funny random moments that will make our documentary interesting and accessible to young people, and to lighten the mood of this really intense subject.

April 17

SB Public Library

"Santa Barbara Reads for Earth Day" Event: Community Conversation I attended and asked the professors questions, interviewed regular people, and wrote about it

April 22 County Courthouse Earth Day …wandered and interviewed people on the street and people running booths…
ALSO Co-edited interview with the organizers of the Canary Project.