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The TEEN PRESS had the privilege of covering the Ojai-Ventura Film Festival during their 10th anniversary season. Click through to view our interviews with luminaries, film reviews and Red Carpet events.

The 25th anniversary of the Santa Barbara International Film Festival has come and gone--but the coverage continues! Check out our late-blooming coverage of the 25th Festival by clicking on the Special Section bar above!

Santa Barbara Middle School Teen Press, the Next Generation is working 24 hours a day for the next "10 amazing days and 11 starry nights" at the 25th Annual Santa Barbara International Film Festival. Only covering celebrities? . . . Au contraire mon fraire! (That's French, and the French are heavily into film--check out the films this year from Quebec!). We will be on the red carpet asking thought provoking, well-researched questions, but we will also be in theaters day and night, reviewing films, recommending films and interviewing filmmakers visiting Santa Barbara. Film Festival Finds like "Darius Goes West" have changed the lives of many Santa Barbara Middle Schoolers. And this year at least four SBMS alumni are presenting films they have made.

So go to any of the following sites to read our many times daily coverage. We have added Twitter (with all apologies to English teachers past and present) as a way to let you know immediately what we thought of films we have seen. They often only have two showings and then leave town, never to be found again, so get them while they're hot! (We'll be sending out three tweets for each film--one quick review from each of two team members--and a third listing the upcoming show times.) We promise to let you know what we think and also let you know when and where you can see a film we wouldn't want you to miss. So we're off--and thanks for your support!

Santa Barbara Middle School TEEN PRESS news outlets:

Kendall and John reporting from the Arlington red carpet and the Montecito Award, recognizing an actor for a distinguished body of work. Julianne Moore certainly is deserving and the Teen Press finds out why. Julianne also visits about being a mom, and her philanthropic work with Tuberous Sclerosis and Save the Children.

Check out our interview with presenter Ivan Reitman...

Another night of festivity was held at the Lobero Theatre, where envelope-pushing performances were celebrated with the CINEMA VANGUARD Awards. John & Heather got to talk with Vera Farmiga, who was eventually stumped..."I'll have to ask my mother."

Check out more interviews with Cinema Vanguard Award recipients (and belated Virtuoso Award recipient Gabourey Sidibe) here...

Kendall and Lia joined the eager throng outside the Arlington Theater tonight to greet gentleman and actor COLIN FIRTH for the presentation of the Outstanding Performance of the Year Award. Colin was charming, and though limited to two questions, answered with generousity and aplomb.

Although the ceremony traced his acting career, the award was presented for his performance in the movie "A Single Man" (trailer on award page).

The Legend of Pale Male, the story of a big bird in the Big Apple proved to be the favorite of many at this year's festival. Frances interviews the director FREDERIC LILIEN and writer JANET HESS.