Hey! I'm Gabrielle, and I am a ninth grader at Santa Barbara Middle School.

When I first heard about the Teen Press I was very intrigued by the idea of traveling around and doing interviews. Unfortunately, by the time I was able to fit it into my busy life of school, acting, and dance I was no longer in seventh grade. I am in ninth grade now and I am so excited that I will finally have the chance to know what its like to be a part of the teen press. Dance and music is something I am extremely passionate about and going to the music festival in Austin Texas would be a dream come true for me.

If I could interview anyone in the music industry it would probably be Lady GaGa because she is the most original musician I have experienced so far in my life. I think that being accepted by all her millions of fans even though she dresses and acts a bit bizarre, paves the path for others who are different to also be accepted.

If I had to listen to three songs for the rest of my life I would probably choose New Shoes by Paolo Nutini, First Date by Blink 182, and Just a Girl by No Doubt. New Shoes because it is just simple and fun to listen two, it is also something that I could listen to at any time of the day. First Date because it is an upbeat song that always puts me into a good mood and Blink 182 I one of my favorite bands. And Just a Girl because it is a fun song that I could listen to any time and it never gets bored.
A few of my hobbies include surfing and volleyball at the beach. Dancing Hip Hop and Jazz. I also love baking cakes and most any dessert, doing any form of art. If I could do anything on the weekend I would go out to sushi and a concert.

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