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Tuesday, December 13, 2011, Laemmle Music Hall Theater, Beverley Hills

The Teen Press traveled down to Beverly Hills for the premiere of the amazing documentary BEYOND THE CHAIR. It’s an story of perserverance fueled by a dream--how a man dependent on a wheelchair for his mobility took himself on a world-spanning journey. Andrew Shelley, heart as big as mountains, decided to step outside his comfort zone--and safety zone--and head across the world to visit New Zealand, Thailand, Cambodia, and India. On his own.

On hand for the Red Carpet Premiere were an equally amazing collection of boundary-pushing folks, as well as family, friends and supporters. Teen Press reporters Alex and Sarina, on their first assignment, talked with more people in one night than most of their teammates do in a month. Check out the BEYOND THE CHAIR website for the trailer, and the Facebook page for the progress of the film. And HERE for the excitement of that night...

Alex & Sarina get a glimpse of the traveler's spirit as they visit with Drew...

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Remembering Mike: "Field Trips in Heaven"

Teen Press interviews:

Mike @SBIFF 25 | Max on filming with Mike | Mike @SBIFF 27

We have lost an amazing and valued member of our SBMS family. Parent, husband, teacher, dreamer, explorer and friend, Mike deGruy died in a helicopter crash off the coast of Australia while scouting locations for an upcoming project.  Mike, who helped find the new campus for SBMS, annually accompanied the 9th graders on their Channel Islands trip, as well as helping the Film Festival by curating the Reel Nature sidebar and being the force behind Field Trip to the Movies, had an incredible sense of adventure.  He loved his work, he was full of life.  He was known around the world for his photography, documentary film making, and passionate defense of nature, of animals and of our oceans.  He had an incredible sense of adventure, a wicked sense of humor, and the knack for telling stories that became larger than life. Michael’s contributions to our community and planet were only eclipsed by his love for his wife Mimi, and his children Frances and Max.   

Mike loved sharing his passion for life and nature with everyone. Losing Mike is a tremendous loss to our community, but he would want us to forge ahead.  He sent a message during his journey, asking how everything was going and was so excited, saying “I can’t wait to tell you about this little adventure.” Thank you, Mike, you’ve been an inspiration to us all. 

(Text adapted from a notice sent by the SBIFF

Saturday, February 4, 2012, Arlington Theater

Avec plaisir, Grace and Alex ask Berenice how The Artist brought out her inner child and what music she would choose to set the scene on the red carpet of the Santa Barbara Film Festival's Cinema Vanguard Award.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012, Lobero Theater

Teen Press mentors Natalie and Zoe attended Parker Palmer's lecture called "Healing the Heart of Democracy", then stayed after class to talk with the teacher. They wanted to know his perspective--what he hoped they'd learned, and what their homework might be.

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