Hi! My name’s Kendall and I’m a seventh-grader at Santa Barbara Middle School.

    I have wanted to be a part of the Teen Press ever since I decided I was was coming to SBMS. I am so stoked that I'm finally part of the team and I'm really looking forward to future interviews. I think that Teen Press will be a great opportunity for me to learn more about journalism and interviews, and it will also give me a chance to have a conversation with some really great people, and I couldn't be more excited! I think that my passion for life and my positivity can add to the Teen Press now and in times to come. A previous interview that interested me was the interview with Angelina Jolie at the Santa Barbara Film Festival. A dream interview for me would be one with Emmanuel.
    Some interests and passions of mine include theater, singing, and writing. I absolutely love theater and have been acting for years. I love how it gives you a chance to step into another character's shoes and for a while see life from a whole other perspective. You get to express yourself in ways that otherwise you wouldn't get to. It's a definite passion of mine! I also love swimming, kayaking and pretty much anything having to do with the ocean, and I practically grew up at the beach because the ocean is a two minute walk away from my house, just at the end of my street.
    A random fact about me is that I'm the most ticklish person I've ever met and I am known to faint if somebody tickles me too much! (I have done that several times it's really embarrassing!!!)