My name is Alexa and I am an 8th grader at SBMS.

While in the Teen Press I am hoping to spread awareness and inform the public on events. My interest was also drawn to it because I love writing and I know that we will be writing letters, blogs, etc. The media that I focus most on, and most grabs my attention is television and magazines. So working on our website will hopefully grab the attention of more people and draw them to the Internet for news.

My favorite snack is Snow Caps; I love to eat them while watching movies. When I grow up I am going to get a PhD in psychology in order to understand people better. Also I will put my love of writing to good use. I have considered journalism as one of them, so this will be good practice. Last year I was part of the Teen Press while we covered the 23rd Santa Barbara International Film Festival. This year I am looking forward to more interviews, learning new things, and informing yet more people.

Brigid interviews ALEXA