September 23, 2007

DENNIS KUCINICH at Sunday Morning Live, Santa Barbara

ELIZABETH KUCINICH at Sunday Morning Live, Santa Barbara

September 27 & 28 Teen Press at INTERBIKE Trade Show, Las Vegas:
It was a burning question that had to be asked: "Where do you think is the best place to get a burger in Santa Barbara?" Ask it we did--and SBMS answered (kinda). Find out what the answers REALLY were. Was it a representative sample? You decide. And be sure to see our review of the winning burger place.
The Teen Press has hit the show floor in the Sands Convention Center to try to take in the largest bicycle show in North America. Check out our special section on INTERBIKE, featuring interviews with industry giants as well as little-known innovators in the field. Walk a mile in the shoes of Teen Press members as our journey is recounted. Witness mountains of swag! Find out what the show-goers thought was the best booth in the show. Get an insider glimpse into the business of biking at a trade show. All this and racing, bloopers and more in the harrowing tales of life in the bicycle lane in Las Vegas, Nevada with the SBMS Teen Press at INTERBIKE.