Saturday Evening, October 18th:

The Teen Press was on hand to review films and interview filmmakers, producers and movie-goers. Check out this and other interviews coming soon!

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Teen Press spotlights Global Warming

[Corrected link!] Last academic year the Teen Press investigated the topic of global warming, with a spotlight on the local educational and awareness project, The Light Blue Line. Check out our findings and a newly posted interview with Mayor Marty Blum, who is leading Santa Barbara into a more "green" stance on energy conservation.

Teen Press covers SBIFF 2007

NEW: Check out Alexa's podcast about the festival!

The Teen Press got the scoop on who's who and what was hot--and important--at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2007. Interviews with Al Gore, Will Smith, Helen Mirren, Forest Whitaker and Darius Weems of the show favorite "Darius Goes West."

SSBMS Teen Press Team Members Alexa, Brigid, Charlie, Georgia Belle, Harrison, Katherine, Logan & Ripkyn are out and about, tracking down stories in Santa Barbara and beyond, with notebook and video camera in hand--looking to catch you in the view!

Keep checking back for their latest findings. (Faculty Advisors John & David may also have a word or two to say!)

Check out the Teen Press's interviews with presidential candidate DENNIS KUCINICH and his wife ELIZABETH.
Logan & Alexa talk with JIM BRADY about his experiences with Expedition 360.
Harrison talks with JEFF MILLS about his experiences with BOXTALES.
Charlie & Harrison talk with biking legend GARY FISHER and Katherine and Brigid walk the halls of INTERBIKE. More stories & interviews from this great event!
After an exhaustive review of applicants and their qualifications, the Teen Press selected some great students to join the team for next trimester. Returning Team Members are Harrison and Logan, joined by first-timers Eliana, Emalani, Emma, Griffin, Sophia and Zev.

They'll be covering stories around town, including the 23rd Annual Santa Barbara Film Festival, as well as journeying north to San Francisco for the MacWorld Expo.