I think my goosebumps must be on a frequency that jams the signal between the wireless microphone and my camera, because for the second time in weeks, I got back to the studio finding silent movies. You have no idea, no idea at all, how frustrated this Vegas hotel room finds me right now. I have tried to read lips to come up with subtitles, I have tried to resurrect any possible sound waves on the tape, but the pictures are mute. Please forgive us and try to imagine the following never to be forgotten conversations as you watch these quiet clips.

“This is better than Christmas!"

Charlie had just finished interviewing two of his biggest heroes, the voice of the Tour de France, Phil Liggett, and the first ever American Tour de France winner, Greg LeMond. Charlie, on his first cycling story, introduced himself as a member of the Santa Barbara Middle School Teen Press covering Interbike for the first time, then asked Phil what his first ever cycling story was . . . what inspired him to become a cycling journalist . . . and what he loved about cycling. Brigid asked him about his accent and when he told her he was from Liverpool, she told him of her Irish roots. All three smiled so brightly that Greg Lemond in the booth next door interrupted his own conversation, got out his personal camera and snapped some photos of the rookie reporters interviewing the cycling world’s most famous pro. Then before moving on to their interview with Greg, the kids said a sincere thanks and shook Phil Liggett’s hand.

Again, Charlie and Brigid introduced themselves to the man who had just shot their photo for his own album. Charlie was quivering at the knees, realizing he was interviewing his own personal equivalent of Babe Ruth or Michael Jordan. Brigid had know idea who they were talking to, but when Charlie told Greg Lemond how Greg’s comeback from the hunting accident inspired his dad and him . . . when Charlie got Greg to talk more about the accident . . . when Brigid realized what the man before her had done . . . well, check out her face in the clip.

Charlie and Brigid . . . Phil and Greg . . . thanks for an interview I will never forget. I’m just sorry the eloquence and emotion of the words you shared today will have to stay between the five of us.